Spruce-fir Moss Spider (Microhexura Montivaga) Debugger

Carleton Miyamoto (miyamoto@cs.berkeley.edu)

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Sdb is a GDB 4.17 based debugger with extensions for debugging executables created with the reference Titanium compiler. It supports a wide range of platforms as well as the various runtime models generated by the compiler.

The Spruce-fir Moss spider is an endangered species of spider in the southern Appalachian Mountains. A type of tarantula, it lives and hunts in the moss mats of the fir and spruce forests located there.

For more information about this species, please visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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Oct 4, 1999: Updated for the new name mangling scheme. Added tiproc and info tiproc commands. Also some minor bug fixes. This update must be used with the reference Titanium compiler version 0.587 or later.

Mar 13, 1999: Updated for Java name resolution, a better language parser, printing strings, and to workaround a bug that causes an emacs frontend to hang. This update must be used if you are using the reference Titanium compiler version 0.497 or later.

Feb 22, 1999: Sdb source updated to support Linux threads and fix unexpected stops on Solaris threads.


GDB Reference Card: Describes most GDB 4.x commands on a single double sided sheet.
Linux Thread Support: Information about using Sdb (and GDB) with Linux threads as well as the required libraries and patches.
GDB: The original debugger.

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